Caring for Visitors Touched by Adversity

“Everyone we met in the VASH organization was unbelievably compassionate and kind. We can’t begin to thank not only the people of VASH but also all of its contributors for saving our honeymoon.” – Richard of California

“Your organization should be renamed the Visitor Angel Network. I have never experienced such caring and giving people.”

We would sincerely like to thank all those who helped us in our time of need and applaud your organization for the volunteers who give so freely of their time to offer assistance and support visitors.” - Lin of Australia

“There are no words to express how much we appreciate your kindness.  Knowing there are good people like you in the world helps us see our unfortunate experience in a proper perspective.” - David and Lois of California

We were totally stranded, but VASH came to our rescue immediately…soothing our plight and finding essentials such as food and accommodations was an absolute Godsend.” – Mr. Gowen of England

“The thing that will draw me back are the people and the feeling of aloha…”  -Ed of Montana

What a wonderful organization you have. Words are hard to find to thank you. I know where angels do their training--on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi." 

 "Thank you VASH for showing us the true spirit of Aloha." 

 "We appreciate the patience, kindness and generosity you showed us all. You turned a low point of our trip into a small bump. It's great to know Hawaiʻi really lives up to all our expectations." - Joan 

"Words cannot express the total care I received from VASH. So many kind things were done." - Judy

"You made a sad situation so much better. You are truly angels."

 “The incredible care you took in handling arrangements, making what were easily the worst days of my life run as smoothly as possible, is more appreciated than you know. Please extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone within your organization who attended to our needs during this difficult time. I will never forget the care and concern that were expressed to us while we tried to cope with our devastating loss." 

 “The service you provide is undoubtedly the most generous, and the people giving their help are truly remarkable.”

“It was a very great feeling to know that someone cared enough to do all that for a stranger.”

 “The beauty of Hawaiʻi is in its people as much as it's natural splendor.”

 "Your gift of love is a miracle. You accomplished what we could not, and you did it with kindness and compassion. My husband is still in Queen’s Hospital, but your kindness at the beginning of this trial took some of the sting away.”  

“Your compassion and care during this horrific time has been so wonderful. My husband and I had the pleasure of enjoying your island during our cruise around the islands last May. We always enjoyed the friendly people of your wonderful island. Now we have one more reason to love your island. Thank you for helping our family reschedule flights, accommodation options, and the gift card for a dinner for the whole family. We will be forever grateful for your help and compassion."

 “I want to thank your organization; without your help I do not think I would have made it through one of the hardest things I have ever gone through in my life. Again, Kiki was a lifesaver. VASH was a lifesaver."

“I can’t tell you what it meant to me to have such help and comfort during the most difficult time in my life. Jeanine, John, and James all helped me - got me hotel reservations, taxi vouchers to get to and from the hospital. Then when Leo passed away, they helped me with my grief and also sent a wonderful gift basket. I just felt less alone and felt cared for.”

“Kona Hospital staff and VASH services were competent, compassionate, and empathetic. Fantastic!!  We tell everyone here how great the Aloha Spirit was!! Awesome!”

"I had a wonderful coworker and friend that drowned and passed away there. Her family cannot say enough about how your services helped them. They have asked that donations be made to your wonderful service. Thank you for taking care of her family. It means so much.” 

“My family and I want to extend our most sincere thanks to your organization, who went above and beyond to help my brother who fell into lava rock and severely cut and injured his face. You helped us all through the trauma. I don’t think we could have done this without your expert care and advice.”

“What can I say? You took a tiger of a problem and tamed it for us. Not only did VASH take care of details, but your regular phone calls after we transferred to Oʻahu made me feel like I had a safety net so far from home. It is one thing to hear about ‘ohana, it’s another thing to experience it. To me - a miracle. May God bless you and your team. Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo.”

"I wanted to make sure you understand how great your people are.  My son and I can never thank you enough.  My son and I were on vacation on the Big Island and I inhaled some sea water.  Your state’s emergency services did an excellent job helping me physically, but the most remarkable support came from VASH. Phoebe was on the scene quickly and helped look after my son as I was in critical condition in the hospital in Waimea.  As I was alone with my 11-year-old son the thought haunting me was what was happening with him when I was in no shape to speak with him and assuage any of his fears.  VASH was there to take him to lunch and take his mind of it, as I got stable.  Phoebe made all the arrangements for his return to the states and contacted all the people.  She accompanied him to the gate and got him safely on his flight home.  She was working at least 12 hours in a row helping us in every way possible. More remarkable was the professionalism and concern for helping us.  It was genuine and heart-felt."